Let's Learn: Domain-Driven Design

What will you learn

Domain Driven Design

  • What is Domain Driven Design?
  • Examples of D.D.D

How does it work?

  • The principle
  • Event storming
  • The ubiquitous language
  • Domain Events
  • Aggregates
  • The benefits

D.D.D on your softwares

  • The orthogonality
  • Definitions and rules to follow
  • Value object
  • Entity
  • Domain Events
  • Aggregates
  • Services
  • The patterns that may help D.D.D

D.D.D Architectural styles

  • The limits of the Layered Architecture
  • The hexagonal architecture
  • The Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) and Event sourcing

Level: Intermediate


Duration: 4 Day(s)

Trainer: Ahmed Siouani, Software Engineer @ Yucca labs

Course Objective The domain-driven design approach, or D.D.D is a software architecture style that isolates your domain (the core of your business) from the infrastructure related implementations. This allows you to only focus in designing and building your business logic without worrying about What’s around. We provide a training course during which we develop a web application using the D.D.D approach.

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