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We provide a wide range of services related to web and mobile development, architecture, consulting, assistance & training.

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Yucca Online Store


Build your online store

Yucca Online Store will help you sell your products online and increase your revenues. Automate your sales process using our all-in-one customized platform.

  • List your products online 24/7
  • Increase your sales and automate the order process
  • Raise your store's visibility
  • Acquire new customers
  • ... and much more

We help you grow your business

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We design and build your web and mobile solutions with a high-level requirements specifications to guarantee the highest quality of deliveries.


We help you design and build modern, scalable and maintainable web and mobile applications.


We provides a large set of training programs on programming languages, frameworks and technologies for both beginner and advanced users.


Yucca Labs has over 10 years of experience in providing supports in building web and mobile modern solutions.

We provide


Build a custom corporate / showcase website

Mobile Apps

Build your mobile application

Technical Audits

Technical Audit: Quality, security and performance


Make your idea come to life

The team working on your project is fully invested in it's prosperity, We adopt your idea, believe in it and then make it come to life.

Why us

We help you digitalize your business

Our team of experts help you build solid, scalable and maintainable web and mobile applications

Our Products


Plan & Organise your wedding easily.

3ersi.com is a two-sided wedding platform that helps people find the best deals for their big day ! Reception rooms, cake makers, caterers, photographers, beauty services and so on.

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Online dry cleaning services

Pressingo is a digital platform that provides online dry cleaning services.

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Online fitness coaching

Maïssaa give you the help you need for a better and healthier training, using the latest techniques of the fitness discipline

Go to Maissaa.net

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Yucca Academy

Interested in starting your new career in tech?

Yucca Academy helps you acquire new programming skills. Several training plans for both beginners and advanced users are available.

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Each episode contains powerful information to help you broaden your knowledge, grow your online business, and build a respected brand.

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