We help you Build your REST API

If you’re building a web or mobile application where you need to persist data. You’ll definitely need a database. But you also need to build an application layer to wrap calls to your database in order to aggregate your data, but also to protect access to them (Security and privacy). This application layer is called an API and it needs to run based on standards like REST. APIs have also multiple usages as they interface between applications in order to allow data exchanges based on protocols.

How we help you build your API?

At yucca, we build API based on the interfaces you want to expose. We define all the external contracts your API needs to cover in order to implement them using a separated layer architecture based on DDD. This helps you adapt your business logic as it grows without dealing with external dependencies.

We also make sure our implementations do fit well each level of the Richardson Maturity Model and provide a set of functional tests to validate the API endpoints.

What we deliver?

  • Well documented API using swagger
  • JWT Authentication mechanism when needed
  • Clean implementations that separates well your business logic from its external dependencies
  • Security and privacy checks on relevant methods calls
  • +90% Functional test coverage of your API endpoints
  • Hosting is optional

Used technologies: