We help you Build your Showcase / Corporate website

Nowadays, a corporate website is the first image you share with your customers. Potential clients will always research more about you and your services before contacting you. Whether or not your company is already well-known, your digital transformation needs to be done as most of your potential and already acquired customers are more likely to be doing businesses online. A new era has started, we’re registering the highest internet penetration rate ever.

How we help you build your website?

At Yucca Labs we design 100% custom-made corporate websites that differentiates you from your competitors. Our product manager will help you turn your ideas into mockups in order to build the most relevant web pages for your business.

Our developers and UX designers will then turn the mockups into your showcase website.

We combine the best of Agile - Scrum and Kanban methods in order to let you benefit from agility at a fixed price.

What we deliver?

  • A fully functional corporate responsive website
  • SEO optimisations on every relevant page of your website
  • Documented code and implementations build using the best practices with well separated layers in order to help you add additional features when necessary
  • Material kit Pro - Bootstrap 4 templates customised to fit your branding
  • Email sending mechanisms and forms to interact with your customers
  • +90% test coverage based mainly on the most sensitive paths
  • Hosting is optional

Used technologies: