Akram, on his experience as a Full stack developer at Yucca Labs

Hello Akram, can you introduce yourself ?

I am Akram Bennacer Mohammed, a fourth-year computer science student, specializing in data science and artificial intelligence. I have a keen interest in software engineering and infrastructure and am passionate about sports.

Tell us more about your experience at Yucca Labs ?

Upon joining Yucca Labs with limited experience, my primary goal was to achieve specific goals, and Yucca served as the playground where I discovered myself, particularly in technical aspects. I faced challenges that exceeded my skills at the time, pushing me to grow rapidly.

Through this experience, I realized that working in IT goes beyond coding. It involves business sensitivity, ensuring each team member is in the best position, and understanding the collective effort invested by the team.

What have you learned so far ?

I joined with limited experience and initially focused on simple API methods before delving into more intricate aspects like automated testing. During this journey, I grasped the significance of design patterns, explored domain-driven design, and understood how system designs contribute to delivering efficient and high-quality work.

Being part of a team with diverse expertise, challenges, and goals taught me the importance of effective communication regarding ideas, struggles, and plans. The team rigorously implemented SCRUM, enabling me to function more efficiently and know how my daily actions impacted other team members.

My role primarily involved software engineering and the development of various Yucca applications. However, the collaborative efforts with team members from different domains, such as Tarek, the DevOps specialist, exposed me to new territories I had never explored before.

Can you share with us a big win and a big fail that you experienced at Yucca Labs ?

A significant achievement for me was successfully delivering key components of the web application crucial for strategic purposes, such as the ads system.

On the flip side, a notable setback occurred when I approached development as if all software components were equally important, neglecting to consider the end user and how the task aligned with the overall business schema or plan.

Is it really cool to work for yucca Labs ?

Being a part of Yucca Labs involves embodying the Yucca DNA that Ahmed the CEO keeps mentioning … Having Yucca DNA means being aware and clear about the level of effort required for specific goals, prioritizing a philosophy where victories hold greater significance.

Yucca is characterized by dynamic individuals who strive to be proactive and maintain professionalism in both work and personal life. In essence, being at Yucca is synonymous with living life to the fullest, where diligent work converges with a high-spirited approach.

Your last word …

Yucca was a marking experience for me, not the easiest but definitely one of the most fruitful.